What is Skoolix?

Skoolix is a unified learning management system (LMS) that allows a school to fully manage the learning process online and offline. Skoolix is solely created and implemented by Pharos Solutions L.L.C The Platform is available via all portals: Mobile apps: (iOS, Android, Huawei) and Web portals: (Google Chrome, Safari, …etc.)

Terms of Use:

Pharos Solutions LLC, allows access to and use of the platform Skoolix on the following Terms:

  • Skoolix LMS is available only for the subscribed schools who signed a contract in accordance with the business proposal set out by Pharos Solutions LLC, stated in the agreement. And to be renewed with a new contract.

  • Each School is responsible for the content published on skoolix such as, and this is purely an example, messages or exercises solutions, files…. etc.

  • The School relieves Pharos Solutions LLC, of any responsibility in relation to any content published.

  • For Sales Purposes Pharos Solutions LLC. May provide a trial demo to a potential client with temporary accounts to be able to navigate on the system and has the authority to terminate the access if misused.

Usage Limitation:

  • Users: Each School pays a subscription per student and gets free access to 2 parents per student and unlimited free teacher and admin accesses.

  • For File and materials upload maximum capacity per file is 1GB

  • Pharos Solutions LLC, offers different customized package that might provide some limitation to total size of class materials depending on offer

Privacy Policy:

For Schools data privacy document attached in the following link Privacy Policy


Pharos Solutions LLC. Is responsible to provide system training for clients and dedicated account manager to each client during the contract period.